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Photography Timeline Guide





Your wedding-day secret weapon...

Can you relate to this?

You arrive on site, excited for the day. You've been looking forward to this wedding for months... It's your dream wedding, an incredible venue, all the details are "feature-worthy perfection" and you were gifted with gorgeous weather... It's the perfect recipe for the perfect photos.

But then, disaster strikes...

Hair and makeup runs fifty-two minutes late, the reception details aren't ready to photograph, aunt Sue went missing and the timeline keeps getting more and more crunched.

By the end of the day, you're left feeling flustered, rushed and utterly defeated. Yet, you know there's no excuses. Everyone is expecting photographer to create MAGIC.


Have you been there?

Instead... What if I could guarantee that you could walk into your next wedding day feeling #likeaboss. You'll enter the room with the calm confidence of a bride and groom, knowing that you're prepared to create your best day.

It’s time to take back control on wedding days...
by crafting a timeline that sets you up for success! One that accommodates all of the (predictably) unpredicable things the day may throw your way.

Customizable Timeline Templates

I've included two different formats:

1) Google Docs templates to manually adjust the times, or


2) A Google Sheets tool that auto-generates the times based on entering just one number: the ceremony start time. For this, simply change the ceremony time and other times will automatically populate.

I've also included two different versions of each: For weddings with, or without a First Look (a private moment where the couple sees each other before the ceremony.)

Weddings With a First Look


Weddings Without a First Look


These timelines will give a solid starting point. From there you can customize as needed for your own unique preferences and weddings.


In order to use these templates, you will need to go to File > Make a Copy to save to your own Google Docs or Sheets before you're able to customize it for yourself.


Approximate timing

Based on a typical 8-10 Hour Wedding Day with a First Look



















Approximate timing

Based on a typical 8-10 Hour Wedding Day without a First Look





Extra tips for an extraordinary day!



The Getting Ready Location:

When possible, I request the bride and groom get ready at the same hotel, or within close walking distance of each other. This allows me to easily travel between rooms during getting ready photos.

Even when using a second shooter, if possible, I love to personally visit the groom's room for 15mins of groom getting ready portraits.

I typically schedule these after the casual bridal party pictures (ie: girls in their robes), while the bridal party is getting dressed. This works perfect, because by the time I'm back they are ready, and we can begin getting the bride in her dress!

When you have the option to choose the interior color of the room, I strongly suggest white or neutral colors. Neutral wall colors give soft, dreamy ambient look to photos and videos.  Keep the room more organized and less busy to get best photos and videos. You don't want to show the unattended hangers, shoes, jackets etc in the photos.



For morning details, I request that the couple have all the items to be photographed gathered together in a box or bag before their wedding day so that everything is ready when I arrive. This way nothing important is overlooked.

Recommended items include:

Both wedding rings, dress, two clean copies of the full invitation suite, bride’s jewelry, shoes, and any other special items of significance.

I also request that the bouquets and boutonnieres be delivered to their rooms upon my arrival to be included in the first look and pre-ceremony pictures. Ask the florist to leave 2-3 left over flowers with you so we can incorporate in the stages photos.


I scout first-look location either the day prior or earlier that morning prior to starting getting ready pictures. This allows me to find the perfect location for both privacy and beautiful light.

Since the first look is typically midday, I take extra time to plan where I'll capture the pre- ceremony pictures with the wedding party and families. This way I can give recommendations for locations either on or off property in advance of the wedding day, and let everyone know where to meet. This gives both a better flow and more creative control.


Wedding days often run slightly behind...

Hair and makeup runs long, fastening the dress takes extra time, a family member goes missing, and getting to the shoot location takes longer with a large and roudy wedding crew! When you anticipate this, it's all good! To help with this I recommend build small bits of padding time into key areas throughout the day.

These little pockets of 'extra time' give the schedule breathing room. If things run on time, amazing! But if not, it will help ensure the day remains relaxed, fun and stress free!

Prepared by Chelsa and JZS

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