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Wedding Dance



Wedding day TIPS for the Bride & Groom

1. Getting ready: Location

If you are getting ready in a hotel, book the large room available. Ask for a room with white color walls if available. Keep the room organized, less crowded, and clean for the best photos. When the photographer starts cleaning the room, it impacts productivity. 

2. Getting ready: Prepare and gather items for details shots

The rings, bouquets, wedding invitations, jewelry, boutonnieres, shoes, watches, perfumes, bouquets, and cufflinks are all gorgeous details that shouldn’t be forgotten! It’s helpful for your wedding photographer to rely on a wedding party member or other helpers to organize these items, so make sure to keep them close! Have some activities with your bridesmaids or groomsmen during getting ready. plan for champagne, mimosa, beer etc. This is also a perfect time for some Short videos (aka reels).

3. Stay connected - All day

Bride and groom stay connected with your bride's maids, groomsmen, friends, and family throughout the day.  eye contact and emotions are very important to create stories. The photographer is seeking candid, emotional moments. No need to look at the camera when you are photographing unless you are asked by the photographer. 

Make sure you have enough energy drinks handy throughout the day to show your energy and mood consistently. 

4. Ceremony: Possession
  • While you walk down the aisle look at the groom, and guests and show your excitement. Be happy and smiley.

  • Walk slowly so we have more chances to get good photos. 

  • During the ring exchange, look at your bride/groom's face or rings with your emotion. 

  • While you walk back after the ceremony, make sure to get the bouquet from the maid-of-honor. Often times we saw bride/made-of-honor forget this.

  • First kiss - Kiss and hold for a few seconds. This is your moment. don't be shy. This helps photographers and videographers as well as some of the guests who take photos on their phones.

  • While you back thru the aisle, when you reach the middle part, stop there and do a second kiss or dip for a few seconds. Often times these pictures came out super. So don't miss this chance.

  • When you walk back with your partner, hold hands look at the guests, and cheer up. You and your partner are the keys to creating that vibe there.

5. Speech by bride/groom

Sometimes, the bride or groom does a thank you or formal speech. During this time, please stand up with your partner if you can. Guests will feel how united you two are.

6. Main Dances

During the dance, you and your partner should be connected together, eye contact, smiling, laughing, crying, etc. There are a lot of youtube videos you can search for. Here is the link to a basic short dance tips video I found worth watching.

7. Dance Floor


Wedding dance
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